Susannah Chandler Chapter

National Society Daughters of the

American Revolution


Locust Grove, Virginia

This list represents the ancestors of our chapter members who are identified as patriots by the NSDAR.  A patriot is defined by the NSDAR as an individual, regardless of race, creed, or gender that either served in our Revolutionary War armed forces or contributed to the cause of American freedom.

Axline, John (VA)

Ballenger, Joseph (VA)

Barr, Hugh (NC)

Bingham, Johnson (CT)

Bliss, John (CT)

Bravard, Benjamin (MD)

Broaddus, Thomas (VA)

Burrows, John (PA)

Camden, John (VA)

Chapman, John (VA)

Chapman, Lebbeus (CT)

Congdon, James (RI)

Durkee, Benjamin (CT)

Folger, Latham (NC)

Franklin, Henry (VA)

Gerould, Jabez (MA)


Hakes, Richard (CT)

Hardy, William (VA)

Haushalter, Adam (MD)

Hayden, Noah (PA)

Head, Benjamin (VA)

Head, James (VA)

Hoyt, Seth (MA)

Joy, Samule (ME)

King, William (VT)

Lewis, Jared (CT)

Lewis, Nicholas (VA)

Mason, Hezekiah (MA)

McFadden, Thomas (MA)

Mckee, Andrew (PA)

Mentzer, Joseph (PA)

Parker, Elisha (RI)


Pinney, Abraham (CT)

Printz, George (VA)

Ratts, Godfrey (NC)

Rinker, Edward (VA)

Rowe, James (NC)

Rublee, William (MA)

Sharp, John (VA)

Sherwood, John (CT)

Shockey, Jacob (PA)

Sisson, Caleb (VA)

Smith, Adam (KY)

Stevens, James (NC)

Thompson, Moses (NJ)

White, John Martin (VA)


Cannon on Yorktown National Battlefield. Image by S. Bennett.

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